1. Practice Area

We have a mini-wall in the practice area where we give you tonnes of training and the chance to try it out until you feel comfortable!

2. Top of the Line Equipment!

All of our equipment is name brand equipment imported from the US and France. We use Black Daimond Harnesses, Petzl hardware and Mammut Static Canyoneering Rope that is changed out every 3 months.  This system is rated to take over 15 people on it!

3. Main Brake

Your dominant hand acts as the main brake. By simply tightening your grip on the rope you can slow down or stop yourself as you like, so you go as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable going!

4. 2nd Brake/Lower Guide

There is a highly trained English Speaking guide on the landing platform as you descend. He can act as a second brake by pulling on the main rope, which puts tension on your figure 8 and stops or slows you.  Once you reach the bottom the guide will help you off the rope and direct you to the top floor for another drop!

5. 3rd Brake/Upper Guide/Second Rope

You are also attached to a second rope which is manned by another guide above. If for any reason it is necessary this guide can also brake you using the second rope.  The entire system is made up of 3 brakes and 2 ropes which ensures 100% safety!