Drop Styles

The idea known as Abseiling or Rappeling originated in France in 1879 when a kick arse dude named Jean Estéril Charlet started using the technique when climbing mountains.  As he wanted to go up and down some steep, big walls that were only safe to scale while using ropes.

Rap Jumping

Rap Jumping is an adrenaline junkies dream! This form of freestyle rope work sends people of all ability levels face first down steep embankments. Often used by special forces it can be taught to any novice and with the correct systems and safety checks is 100% safe and 100% FULL ON!

Traditional Rappel

The traditional form of descent puts you in a seated position with the rope you’re attached to in front of you, while you walk and jump backwards down the wall.  This way is less scary and heaps of fun as you do bigger and bigger jumps and take in the incredible views!